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anywherebeyond in debut2009

Posted on October 31st, 2008 at 09:01 am
Trick or Treat with Debut 2009

You know how it works, my friends- put on a costume and say trick or treat, and you'll be rewarded with something scary, or sweet, or both! (In other words, put on a costume in your icon and leave a comment saying Trick or Treat, and I'll drop something in your virtual goodie bag. :))

And happy hallowe'en, from debut2009!



do I trick or do I treat... I might have to be one of those who comes back later in a different costume :)



There once was a zombie named Carrie
And everyone said she was scary
but nothing compared
to the lass with black hair
Who carried a shovel- that's Mary!
I can treat you to a trick, or trick you into a treat -- depends on what you likey :).
Oh look at you, you're a a little superhero, what a cute costume!

*ding dong*

Trick or Treat!

*self-consciously pulls down superhero shorts which are riding up as usual*

<3 ur icon!!

Another superhero! I feel very safe in this neighborhood tonight!!

Trick or Treat!

(Does it count if *all* my icons are costumes? Heh.)
Wow, ANOTHER superhero! There must be a convention!

Is it a costume, or is it real? ;-)

It's a TREAT!
Oooh, our first martial artist of the night! You get two for that!

Ooh, now I want a trick too!
There once was a faery name Bryony
Clever and quick as Hermione
and both sought out spells
though only one quelled
the hard-to-say name textual irony.
Trick! :D
There once was a girl with red locks
whose Ghost will knock off your socks-
Beside her I'm pale
she's hearty and hale-
O Canadian healthcare- it rocks!
Trick or treat!
Oooh! Aren't you a scary witch? Even though they don't look like it, these are totally full-sized!

Look! Look! I am a little birdie!
Dang, that's AMAZING! *applauds* Here you go, pet!

Trick or treat. :) Or both, baby.
Sweets for my Austenian sweet!

(I almost tricked you with the baby in the Tootsie Roll wrapper, but I thought that would be cruel.)
Oh, if you want candy from me, little girl, you'll have to put on a costume or do a trick first! ;)
This is me in my OTHER dragon costume.

Happy Halloween, fabulous Debs!!
For Halloween, I am a fish girl, so I need never change my icon.

Trick or Treat for UNICEF!
There once was a boy, name of Blake
And pictures, he so loved to take
Til he found a crack ho
And Marissa's, "OH NO!"
now he's spending his nights up awake.

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Trick or treat!
My, that's an impressive tail you have there, Ms. Peacock!

Trick or Treat!!!!!
Awwwwwwwwwwww, a cute little fairy! Here's something sweet AND natural for you!

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trick or treat...

smell my feet! Give me something good to eat!!!

Re: trick or treat...

Oh, Jack Skellington, you dashing fellow! Thank you for coming to my door!

Happy Halloween, Saundra!

In this icon, I am dressed as an Oregon lighthouse--unfortunately, not one of the haunted ones.

It's very realistic, I know. Hard to sit down in this costume.

Trick or treat!
That is an amazing costume! I feel compelled to give you an unusual treat in return.

:D Happy halloween!
Wow, this place has more trick-or-treaters than our house. Which means more than two, right now.

Trick me, baby!
There once was a Zombie named Davis
whose shambling walk didn't faze us-
And the pustulent sores
couldn't jolt us much more,
but oh the fright that his subpoenas gave us!

Trick or treat!

And a very Happy Halloween to you!
What a pretty little LARPer you are! Bonus points for the Guinevere roll!