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sealy38 in debut2009

Posted on October 7th, 2011 at 08:19 am
The WestSide Debacle

When WestSide Books told its authors it was up for sale, we thought we might be in for a break: a new publisher who would actually promote our books, get them out in paperback, and ePub them. The problem seems to be that WSB is using the same sales promotion technique it used for its books . . . not much.

We were asked to keep silent about what was brewing and we did, but now the lid is off and the authors are speaking out. Here's one post by Beth Fehlbaum. She's at least telling publishers that WSB is up for sale.


I'm posting this for the public as well as the Debs in hopes the word will travel. As long as WSB doesn't sell our books are in limbo. It's quite a mess.


ooops. just read the rest fo the post and thus deleted my previous comment. *its too early in the morning*
You are so right, Cindy. We've landed in the Sargasso sea of the publishing business.

Thanks for your hug. That's appreciated.