Aprilynne Pike (maprilynne) wrote in debut2009,
Aprilynne Pike

Bio: Aprilynne Pike

Name: Aprilynne Pike

'09 Book Title: AUTUMN WINGS (tentative)

Publisher: Harper Teen

Favorite Books: Hands down, Lois Lowry's The Giver. I am also a Jane Austen Junkie, with Sense and Sensibility topping that list. I love The Chronicles of Narnia and all things Roald Dahl. I love Mary Higgins Clark and Tess Gerritsen for mystery and intrigue, and like me a little Kate Chopin as far as classics go.

Favorite Bit of Writing Advice: Just listen. Every critique has something of value and nothing is so important it can't be changed. If your readers don't like it, the problem is not with your readers.:)

Random Info About Me: I am a huge advocate for women's rights in childbirth and spent about a year being a doula. I love to wear pink and purple even though yellow is my favorite color. In fifth grade I got taken out to eat by my school librarian for reading the most books in one year out of my whole grade. I don't like pets, I secretly wish I had red hair, and I adore eye makeup of all sorts.


Coming Soon! I promise!
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