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Cover minus blurb

maprilynne in debut2009

Posted on January 6th, 2010 at 02:27 pm
Family Pictures!

What a year it has been! And in the end, we all survived out publication pregnancies (even the guys) and gave birth to our little book babies!!! And what better way to celebrate new babies than to . . . take pictures!

So for our exceptional, brilliant, lovely followers, the 2009 Debutantes present our book babies! (Clicky for biggie.)

And last but not least, all our books showing a little leg . . . er . . . cover.:D

Congrats to all our Debs!! What a year it has been!!!!!


Great pictures! I have 12 Debs books in finished copies & 1 ARC :) Still hoping to get a few more of them, just didn't manage to in '09.
Lovely pics!
Aw! They're beautiful!

*wipes tear*
Love it! Thanks for posting :D
dude, i love these pics SO MUCH!!!
OMG what an AWESOME looking bunch of books that is! <3 <3 <3
Pretty sexy stuff there! :-)
So fun to see the books together in a row--makes me want to gather my collection all in one place. If only I weren't so afraid of my daughter's bedroom...
How amazing and exciting to see ALL our books together in one place like that! What a thoughtful gesture -- thanks for sharing these photos!
I'm not there. Sniff.
oh wait, yes I am! Dang my book is skinny. You other books are kinda on the chubby side. lol!
I was gonna say!!!:D
Wow, what a fine looking bunch of books! So fun and what a year we had, traveling all around the U.S.!
Thank you, Aprilynne!! This is awesome like candy!

And are they in the order of release? You sweet & clever girl.
It was a great year for books - congrats you guys on all your success!!!
This is great. I seriously teared up just seeing it. So cool.
This is so awesome!!
I made my husband come in and ooh and aah over these pictures. It's been an honor, fellow Debs! I am overwhelmed seeing that gorgeous lineup of books!

Thank you Aprilynne!
Soooo priddy.

Yay! How amazing to see! Thank you for sharing these pics! :)
Wow, your babies are so beautiful! Congratulations!
*sniff* way to make a girl cry *sniff*
Thanks, fellow debs, for an amazing year!
That is so cool. And just look how nicely they smiled and cooperated for the pictures. ;-)

Thanks for sharing (and for doing it). What an amazing bunch of books and authors. You guys are great and I look forward to reading more of your work in the coming years.

Oh, and this picture made me realize my shelf is lacking . . . I've got to get more books. ;-)